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That's right. . . If you dream it, you can do it . . . And that's what this website is all about.
So, if you have ever had the wonderful dream of buying a boat and sailing off to Paradise, around the world
or just around in it. . . You've just dropped anchor at the best Port of Call on the Internet. This is a dream
worth living, and we will show you how you can to do it - even on a very frugal budget, while living very-very
This website is all about AMAZING ATTAINABLE AFFORDABLE ADVENTURES you can cruise in your very own boat.
    This is a "How to" website about "How You" can safely cruise through the Caribbean or around America's Great Loop on a frugal boat with a frugal
budget. It comes from one of the most adventured American voyagers of the past quarter century. On this site Capt. John hangs out an
sign for those under the impression that living aboard and cruising long distance is only for the rich & wealthy and only the very most
experienced and accomplished sailors.
    Whether you are dreaming, new to boating, or a seasoned old salt, Capt. John gives you the essentials to living aboard and cruising on a frugal
budget. He gives you all the facts you need for a safe and comfortable voyage. His boating philosophy and lifestyle is one of "more fun than fuel"
which means having more money to spend on yourself and less money you have to spend on your boat and boat related expenses. It's a great
lifestyle, one that can easily fit into most everyone's comfort zone, philosophy and even pocketbook. We're sure you will agree . . .
- the Frugal Voyager -
- the Frugal Voyager -
If you dream it . . .  You can do it!
- the Frugal Voyager -
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