1. People with positive attitudes make positive things happen.  Cruisers with positive attitudes invariably somehow
manage to find all the wonderful stuff in this world.

2. If you have children, take them with you. They will thank you, and love you for it, the rest of their lives.

3. For every Paris, Rome, and Naples - there are a thousand hidden corners of the globe where people like you and
me discover our favorite memories.

4. Cruising let’s you share a beach with bums and billionaires. Some cruisers own million dollar yachts, others
own the sailing equivalent of a cargo crate, while most of us own something in-between, but... We all end up sharing steamed
clams, crabs, lobsters and Fish-fries at the same barbecue pit on the beach.

5. The Caribbean has the most shockingly beautiful waters, beaches, and islands in the world. It makes you wonder why
everyone in the world doesn't live there.

6. Crossing an ocean has much more to do with faith than it does finance. Just point the right boat in the right
direction, set your GPS way-points, don’t hit anything before you get there, and WOW! What an adventure!

7. When locals point to the next island and say it is “dangerous”, there are locals on that island pointing back and
saying the same thing.

8. Other boaters will refer to you by your boat's name (for example, "there goes the SummerWinds" or "have you
seen the "Twiggas?") Remember this before you decide to name your vessel something really stupid or inappropriate.

9. There is something exciting and wonderful about harnessing the wind to travel around the world. It is free, it cost
you nothing, it is the same air you breathe (only cleaner, and fresher). So, why aren't more people doing it? What a wonderful
and inexpensive way to see the world!

10. The world is full of really good people.  You can find them wherever you go. They are in every country, and of
every race and every religion.  God loves every single person on this planet.  Why can't we?

11. Cruising America's Great Loop is an amazing adventure. It is an 'epic' boating journey as well as an
incredible 'on shore' experience. The most unique aspect of cruising the Great Loop is that all the places & faces as well as
destinations all along the way. . . Will magically inspire you!  
Lessons I have learned living aboard & cruising
- the Frugal Voyager -
Sunset - off Saba Island in the Caribbean
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- the Frugal Voyager -
- the Frugal Voyager -
- the Frugal Voyager -
Lessons I have learned living aboard & cruising
    Far too may people today are 'bogged down' with the
hustle and bustle of life. Those of us who have worked all
our lives simply don't take the time we should to enjoy it.
    The Bible says "there is a season for everything" in our
lives. That includes a time to laugh and reap the rewards
of our labor.
    While you may think it has, things really haven't
changed very much. It's still a wonderful life. If you just
take the time to relax and enjoy it.