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   Yes, we make jokes about 65 being the new 45. We are young
at heart, we have the passion for travel and adventure. We have empty
nests and we are armed to the gunwales with an inventory of things to
do we’ve always dreamed about, but never had the time, money or
   We are not the sedentary senior citizens of our parent’s generation.
We are not satisfied to spend our golden years on Golden Pond, nor in
a Silver-hair Assisted Living Condo or looking out the windows of a tour
bus. No, not us. We have to knock some pretty exciting things off our
bucket list. We want to travel, we want some real adventure.
   What you will discover in this website may be all new to you. It is
all about the basic fundamental information you need to decide if the
living aboard & cruising lifestyle is for you (or not). Sadly, living this
dream is not for everyone. I readily admit I have witnessed that on many
occasions. Therefore, we will cover all the reasons why this lifestyle may
- or may not - be for you. However, this life and lifestyle is fast gaining in
popularity. Most of us that are doing it, wouldn't give it up for any
mansion on a hill.
   According to the latest U.S. Census, 130,000 more U.S. Citizens   
claimed a boat as their primary residence compared to the previous
Census. Additionally, an estimated 600 vessels a year are joining the
ranks of those living aboard and cruising America’s Great Loop, which is
fast becoming the most popular ‘long-distance’ cruising grounds in
North America.
   Whether you make retirement plans to cruise the Loop once,
twice, not at all, or for the rest of your life, living on a boat is a very
practical affordable retirement lifestyle that offers an alternative to the
traditional (and more expensive) retirement options of living on land. It
also gives you the opportunity to start kicking some amazingly wonderful
travel adventures off your Bucket List.
   Currently, there’s a sweeping Baby Boomer trend in
and it’s not the luxurious life dripping with luxury Yachts
and Champagne breakfasts. It is a much simpler, frugal and more
modest lifestyle. It’s a downsized lifestyle with fewer luxuries, fewer
possessions and the result is a lot less stress followed by fewer and
fewer worries.
   Based on recent studies the current trend is that Baby Boomers on
very frugal budgets are reporting a far greater amounts of life
satisfaction than ever before.
   Obviously, we are quickly learning that great happiness is attainable
on a very modest retirement income. The trend toward downsizing and
casting off unnecessary luxuries and possessions is not new, it is just
spreading like wildfire. I for one, can tell you the moment I extended my
KISS (Keep It Simple Sailor) boating philosophy to include my entire life.
The result was instant, and it came with a respectable increase in my
‘discretionary’ income.
   We Americans are living longer and healthier lives. Because of this,
living arrangements in retirement require more planning than before.
Now, it is very likely that our retirement will last as long, or nearly so, as
our working years. According to a recent study, we should be planning
for a retirement that lasts between 20 and 40 years. Wow!
   That of course, is the biggest reason for downsizing. Since our
retirement income is less, cutting our monthly overheard expenses is
the best way to increase our ‘discretionary’ income. That of course, is
our ‘fun money’, and who doesn’t want more of that?
   A recent Merrill Lynch study reported that 55 percent of retirees
spend less on travel than they did before retirement. This is rather
astonishing news, since “retirement” for the vast majority of us, always
went hand in hand with the dream of travel and adventure.
   If you are retired, you are likely feeling pretty good — According to
that study, of “all times in our life” - we Americans are happiest and most
content between the ages of 65 and 75. This certainly holds true for me.
   Surprisingly, the Merrill Lynch study found that a full 67% of
retirement age couples have not discussed what great things they want
to do or how much money to spend on retirement and taking things off
their Bucket Lists. This finding was shocking news to me.
   Possibly it is, that many Boomers are not planning for all the great
things they can do, because they don’t know what those great things
are. Or they don’t know what those great things cost.
   We of course, grew up with the Ole adage of “if you have to ask, you
can’t afford it” and were taught as kids not to ask someone what
something cost. In this case however, if you don’t ask what it cost, you
might forever believe you can’t afford it. But in this case, you can!
 For sure, there are lots of retired Baby Boomers out here
cruising America's Great Loop. In fact without doubt, we are the majority
of those living aboard and cruising. Most of us are doing it on a very
frugal boat and budget.
Cruising America's Great Loop
- the Frugal Voyager -
- the Frugal Voyager -
- the Frugal Voyager -
- the Frugal Voyager -
Capt John on America's Great Loop
Capt. John
Hello & Welcome!
   My name is John, and I'm here to tell you all about living and cruising on a frugal boat with a
frugal budget. That's exactly what I've been doing for
the past 24 years. My 'boating philosophy'
has always been 'More Fun than Fuel' and I believe I have
found the perfect solutions.
    I also want to tell you about America's Great Loop. This is a
n epic boating adventure that will
take you to unbelievable, unspoiled and unforgettable places you never dreamed possible to
reach in your own boat.
It is 1500 miles longer than the Nile River and takes you as close to the
Arctic Circle as it does the Tropics of the Equator and from the Atlantic Intracoastal waterway to
the mighty Mississippi
Where will your dream take you?
Obviously, I don't know where your dream will take you, but I do
know where America's Great Loop can take you. So if your dream
includes living and cruising on your own boat, America's Great Loop
will take you to
the most enjoyable and amazing places in all of North
. It is safest, longest and most incredible voyage on the planet;
and it is right here in America's own backyard.

  If you look at the map you will get an idea of the many locations
you can go. What is not shown on the map is how safe this voyage
really is or the awesomely inspiring landscapes, seascapes,
mountainscapes and pastoral pleasures that await you along the way.
This voyage offers a wonderful mix of dramatic shorelines, big city
lights, quaint seafaring towns and waterfront restaurants with tempting
savory seafoods and regional culinary delights.

  Unlike crossing an ocean, you can be safely docked in a
Marina  or anchored in a paradise cove every evening to watch the
        This voyage will capture your heart and blow your mind away
with its panoramic views of color rich landscapes, shorelines
, sunsets
and rainbows.
Still, to think of this voyage only as a 6,000 mile boat
ride is a gigantic mistake.

Not only does this journey overflow with picturesque sights,
waterfront views and historic landmarks; there is an over abundance
of amazing stops that will beckon you to stay and linger.
       From New Orleans' French Quarter to Canada's French Quebec,
you will discover stunning architecture, historic landmarks, antebellum
mansions, towering whitewashed lighthouses, and quintessential
seafaring towns with cobblestone streets and friendly people that
would tempt even the die hard Scrooge among us to a full day of
      It is an epic voyage, an epic year long vacation and one that
deserves your epic memoir.
is also easily attainable and affordable if you want or need it to
Fall anchorage on the Cumberland
Quebec City
        So what does all this require of you?

  Simply put, it requires you to be a good safe boater in a good safe
suitable seaworthy boat. I made t
his voyage the first time when I was
21 years old. I celebrated my 70th birthday on my 8th voyage around,
and I'm still going. I
f that doesn't tell you how safe it is, I'm not sure
what will convince you
- other than to cruise it yourself - and oh what a
great idea that is!

     It does not require a 'big' and expensive boat. While some cruise
the Great Loop in 40 foot plus size vessels purchased new for
$250,000 or more, most couples are cruising in good used vessels
under 40' costing closer to $50,000. Some are cruising in vessels that
cost $25,000 or less and some 'hand
y man specials' are out there
selling for $10,000 and less.
     Fact is, your "current" lifestyle and comfort zone will be the single
most influential aspect to what this voyage cost you.
     I cruise the Loop at an average cost
under $25.00 a day. That
includes ALL my "boat, fuel and boat related" cost for an average 365
day, 6,300 mile voyage around the Loop.
That's the cost of my
'transportation & lodging'. Try matching that in your car or RV!

 So come on in. . . Find out just how far YOU can go in your
own boat around America's Great Loop.